Neovet for pets is a simple to use topical flea and worming treatment that’s effective in keeping your pet safe and healthy. It is suitable for use on cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies.

Neovet For Pets

The topical nature of the treatment means it is user friendly and time saving (no more washing your fur baby with that weird smelling flea shampoo!). Simply administer the gel by parting the fur of your pet between the shoulder blades and placing the product directly on the skin of your animal. 

In the hours immediately after application be sure to keep that area dry and make sure no other pets lick off the treatment to give it a suitable amount of time to work. 

How It Works

The active ingredients used in Neovet (imidacloprid and moxidectin) will begin to work immediately after being administered. The topical nature of Neovet for pets kills fleas on contact with their fur; they don’t have to bite your dog or cat for it to take effect, which makes for a happier fur baby!

Existing fleas are killed within 12 hours, and after this time re-infesting fleas are killed within 1 hour. The active ingredient, imidacloprid, is shed with the natural shedding of your pet’s skin and fur, killing flea larvae in the environment and breaking the flea lifecycle making your (and their) home flea-free! 

As flea eggs can lay dormant in your house for long periods of time, hatching when triggered by movement or heat, it is still important to treat your pet once a month as advised by Neovet. 

If you find your pet is still scratching considerably after administering the treatment, do not worry. As the treatment works, the fleas get agitated and move around more within your pet’s coat causing discomfort which is usually met with a lot of scratching.

If the scratching continues into the next day, it could be a sign of a separate skin condition for which you should take your pet to the vet for further investigation. 

For further questions or advice on using Neovet spot-on treatments, contact our trusted vets today!