DGS LED Dog Collar Medium – Black, Navy, Purple & Red

DGS LED dog collars utilise an innovative LED light to keep you and your dog safer when walking in low visibility.


DGS LED Dog Collar Medium - Black, Navy, Purple & Red


DGS LED Dog Collar Medium - Black, Navy, Purple & Red

The DGS LED dog collar offers a safer and superior choice for walking your dog in low visibility.

Featuring an innovative and bright LED light, the DGS LED dog collar illuminates you and your surroundings to improve visibility.

Enabling you to enjoy walking your dog at any time and in any weather, it is a leader in incorporating innovative and potentially life-saving technology.


  • Heavy duty dog collar with LED light
  • Improves visibility and thus, safety during low light
  • Tough nylon collar with strong buckle and heavy-duty O-ring
  • Suitable for medium dog breeds
  • Available in four colours

DGS LED Dog Collar

The DGS LED dog collar is always ready to go - day or night.

The Comet is all about convenient visibility. Neither snow nor rain nor cold nor gloom of night...nothing stops the Comet.

Research shows the majority of accidents involving pets are caused by poor visibility due to darkness or inclement weather.

The Comet is the newest - and brightest - DGS smart innovation, illuminating you, your dog and your surroundings to assist in avoiding accidents and improving safety.

The bright LED light is integrated into the buckle of the nylon collar with a heavy-duty O-ring. It features a continuous and two flashing modes for any circumstance.

Allowing you to walk your dog with confidence, knowing that pedestrians and motorists can see you and your dog easily. The Comet can even light your path in total darkness.

It's been tested to -20 degrees celsius and up to a metre underwater, making it one of the most durable safety devices to use with your dog anywhere.

Includes a common USB charger and a 30-minute charge provides up to six hours of illumination.


  • Medium: 2cm x 41cm x 51cm


  • Black
  • Navy
  • Purple
  • Red

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Black, Navy, Purple, Red