Doggylicious Calming Cookies – 180g

Doggylicious cookies are the paw-fect dog treat, proudly Australian made using 100% human-grade ingredients.


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DOGGYLICIOUS Calming Cookies - 180g


Doggylicious Calming Cookies - 180g

Doggylicious Calming Cookies are the paw-fect bite-sized treat to reward your pooch.

Containing 10mg L-theanine per cookie, they may reduce anxiety during stressful events and promote relaxation without sedation.

Made from 100% natural, human-grade ingredients, Doggylicious Calming Cookies are the go-to snack when your dog is experiencing anxiety or stress.

Ideal for dogs prone to anxiety, Doggylicious Calming Cookies are a healthy supplemental dog treat that's free from grains, gluten, artificial colours and flavours.


  • Cookie-style baked treat for dogs
  • Assists in reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation
  • Made with 100% human-grade ingredients
  • Free from grains and gluten
  • No artificial colours or flavours

Doggylicious Calming Cookies

Proudly manufactured in Australia, all Doggylicious dog treats contain responsibly sourced, high quality and human-grade ingredients.

Doggylicious Calming Cookies are baked with wholesome, natural ingredients, including hemp seeds, sunflower seeds and peanut butter - a delectable flavour that most dogs love. They also contain L-theanine, an amino acid naturally found in green tea leaves that may assist in promoting calm and relaxation.

This product contains extremely low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), derived from hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are rich in healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and protein. Unlike hemp leaves or flowers that are more concentrated, hemp seeds contain only trace amounts of CBD or THC, if any. Levels of CBD and THC in hemp seeds are so minute they are not expected to have any effect.

Suggested Serving Size

  • These treats are designed for intermittent or supplementary feeding only
  • They should not replace a complete and balanced diet
  • Ensure your dog has fresh drinking water at all times


Sunflower seeds, pepita seeds, organic coconut flour, peanut butter, honey, hemp seeds, egg, organic coconut oil, L-theanine.

Contains peanuts. Other tree nuts and sesame seeds may be also present.

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