Felpreva Cat Spot on Treatment 1kg-2.5kg (Red)

Your cat is a valued and special member of your household. Parasite infections can cause pain and discomfort in your cat, and may become dangerous if left untreated.  Some parasites also pose a threat to humans so it’s important to keep up to date with treatments.  Felpreva®’s comprehensive parasite protection keeps your cat covered for longer.

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Felpreva Cat Spot on Treatment 1kg-2.5kg (Red)

Felpreva Spot on Cat Treatment 1kg-2.5kg is a groundbreaking parasite treatment meticulously crafted for the convenience and well-being of your beloved feline companions. Engineered with simplicity in mind, Felpreva offers comprehensive parasite protection, boasting the longest-lasting* defense against fleas and paralysis ticks (Ixodes holocyclus)** in a single spot-on dose.

Parasites pose a hidden threat to your cat's health and well-being. Australian vets report that up to 25% of cats they see lack proper protection against parasites. If left untreated, parasite infestations in cats can lead to discomfort, illness, and potential transmission of diseases to both pets and humans alike. Protect your furry friend with Felpreva®, ensuring their health and happiness for years to come.

Provides protection against:

  • Fleas
  • Paralysis ticks
  • Ear mites
  • Roundworms
  • Tapeworms
  • Lungworms
  • Hookworms

Key Benefits:

  • Easy administration with a single spot-on dose
  • 1 dose provides 13 weeks of coverage against fleas and paralysis ticks


Felpreva® contains a unique combination of three active ingredients:

  • Tigolaner offers long-lasting protection against fleas and paralysis ticks (Ixodes holocyclus) for 13 weeks and effectively targets ear mites
  • Emodepside treats roundworms, lungworms, and hookworms
  • Praziquantel addresses tapeworms

Dosage Guide:

Small Cats - 1kg-2.5kg (Red)  (1.0 – 2.5kg): 1 x 0.37ml pipette
Medium Cats 2.5kg – 5kg (Yellow): 1 x 0.74ml pipettes
Large Cats 5 kg– 8kg): 1 x 1.18ml pipettes

  • Tigolaner (36.22 mg; 72.4 mg; 115.52 mg)
  • Praziquantel (30.12 mg; 60.24 mg; 96.05 mg)
  • Emodepside (7.53 mg; 15.06 mg; 24.01 mg)'

With its extended action against fleas and paralysis ticks, Felpreva® provides three months of robust protection. Most adult cats are recommended to undergo deworming every three months, meaning comprehensive parasite cover can be achieved with just four doses of Felpreva® per year!

*Treats and prevents fleas and controls paralysis ticks (Ixodes holocyclus) for 13 weeks. **Ixodes holocyclus ticks do not occur in Western Australia.  † Some cats may have different deworming requirements, based on their individual lifestyle and riskk

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