Fido’s Bathing Wipes For Pets – 40 Pack

Fido’s Bathing Wipes For Pets are high quality disposable pre-moistened wipes suitable for cats and dogs.


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FIDO'S Bathing Wipes For Pets - 40 x Wipes


Fido's Bathing Wipes For Pets - 40 x Wipes

Fido's Bathing Wipes For Pets are safe for regular use on cats and dogs to keep them fresh and clean.

An effective spot cleaner, they wipe away dirt, loose hairs and odours. Suitable for sensitive skin, they cleanse, moisturise and deodorise.


  • Easily removes dirt, loose hairs and odours
  • Cleansing, moisturising and deodorising
  • A quick solution to keep your pet clean
  • Aloe vera and lanolin for sensitive skin
  • Free from alcohol
  • 40 wipes per pack

These pleasant smelling, moisturising wipes are ideal for cleaning your pet between washes or as a substitute for washing during cold weather.

A quick and easy solution when you need it, keep a pack in the car to remove dirt, mud and sand from your pet after a day outdoors and during travelling.

Containing aloe vera and lanolin, these disposable wipes are designed to clean the coat and remove dirt, loose hair and odours, while being gentle on your pet's skin.

Fido's Bathing Wipes for Pets are alcohol free and won't irritate the skin of your cat or dog. These wet wipes for pets should be part of every pet owner's grooming kit.

Each pack contains 40 wipes, so you're always stocked up!

Fido's Bathing Wipes For Pets

Skin and Coat Health

Cleanliness is important to your cat or dog's health and wellbeing.

Not only does regular grooming, cleaning and bathing keep their coat clean and smelling fresh, it also helps you identify skin and coat issues early.

While the frequency of bathing dogs and cats will vary depending on a few factors, like coat length, grooming and cleaning should be part of your daily pet care.

Fido's Bathing Wipes For Pets can be used in combination with brushing to promote a healthy, clean coat for your cat or dog.

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