Fido’s Flea Shampoo For Cats and Dogs – 250ml & 500ml

Fido’s Flea Shampoo for Cats & Dogs contains a natural insecticide, Pyrethrins, to control and remove fleas and lice. Available in 250ml and 500ml.


FIDO'S Flea Shampoo For Cats and Dogs - 250ml & 500ml


Fido's Flea Shampoo For Cats and Dogs - 250ml & 500ml

Fido's Flea Shampoo For Cats & Dogs is a mild shampoo for cats and dogs that assists in the control and elimination of fleas and lice.

It is specially formulated to be gentle on your pet's skin to prevent irritation in even the most sensitive areas. The active ingredient is Natural Pyrethrins, an insecticide, which is highly effective in the external treatment of fleas and lice on both cats and dogs.


  • Active ingredient Natural Pyrethrins
  • A mild flea and lice eliminating shampoo
  • Safe for regular use on cats and dogs
  • Promotes a soft and shiny coat
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Available in 250ml and 500ml

Not only does Fido's Flea Shampoo For Cats & Dogs rid your pet's skin and hair of unwanted parasites, but it also produces a soft, shiny and lustrous coat through use.

For best results, take steps to eliminate fleas and lice from your pet's environment, including bedding, when using Fido's Flea Shampoo For Cats & Dogs.

It is safe for weekly use or more frequently if your pet has a heavy flea or lice infestation. Use only as directed on the label.

Be aware that this product does not control the paralysis tick.

Active Constituents

1g/L Pyrethrins; 10g/L Piperonyl butoxide


Pyrethrins, piperonyl butoxide, Nonoxynol N-9, sodium lauryl sulphate, cocamidopropyl betaine, preservative, fragrance and colour.

Fido's Flea Shampoo For Cats & Dogs

Directions for Use

  1. Wet your pet’s coat thoroughly with clean, warm water.
  2. Apply at least 20ml of the shampoo along the backline of your pet.
  3. Work the shampoo into a good lather over the entire body, taking care to avoid the eyes and inside the ears.
  4. Rinse off and towel dry your pet thoroughly.

If your cat or dog is already on long-term flea and tick control, Fido's Flea Shampoo For Cats & Dogs can still be used to provide topical protection.

It is generally considered safe on cats and dogs at any age, including young kittens and puppies under 12 weeks old. It can also be used on pregnant dogs.

For pets under 12 weeks of age, use a small amount of diluted solution when following the instructions above.

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250ml, 500ml




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