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Ilium – Oticlean Skin & Ear Cleaning Solution

Troy Otoclens can be used to clean the skin and ears of cats and dogs and may aid in the treatment or prevention of Otitis Externa in dogs.

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This product can be used for ear cleaning as well as softening of wax and debris. In cases of chronic or severe infections (which can be evaluated by a bad smell, discharge from the ear, excessive itchiness in the ear, or reddening inside the ear) veterinary advice is always recommended.

  • Cleaner for the ear and skin
  • Softens wax and debris
  • Gentle formulation, best for preventing ear infections or stopping the progression of very mild cases

How to administer: apply one quick squirt into the affected ear and massage ear canal externally to allow proper penetration. To ensure proper administration, always point the bottle downwards into the ear canal opening.

If symptoms persist, do not continue treatment - instead seek the advice of your veterinarian.

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