Ipromea iPro-Strong Pet Meal Topper – 100g

Ipromea offers a range of Australian-made, targeted probiotic blends for pets to restore your pet’s natural gut microbiome.

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IPROMEA iPro-Strong Pet Meal Topper - 100g


Ipromea iPro-Strong Pet Meal Topper - 100g

Ipromea iPro-Strong provides targeted, functional support for your pet's immune system.

Like us, pets can fall ill and develop all sorts of health conditions throughout their lifetime. However, with targeted support, you can boost your pet's immune system to defend against many common ailments.

Ipromea iPro-Strong contains a blend of probiotics to rebalance the gut microbiome, plus the exclusive pet probiotic strain, Prevotella Copri, which forms part of a healthy gut and when present, reduces canine intestinal disease and gut dysbiosis.

Ipromea iPro-Strong also contains colostrum which, evidence suggests, may support gut microflora, improve the immune response against some viruses, increase the effectiveness of some vaccinations, improve bone and muscle function in ageing pets and supportively treat periodontal disease in dogs and cats.


  • Pet meal topper containing the perfect blend of probiotics
  • Supports immune health and rebalances the gut microbiome
  • Contains the exclusive pet probiotic strain, Prevotella Copri
  • All natural and Australian-made
  • Suitable for dogs and cats

Ipromea iPro-Strong Pet Meal Topper

Proudly manufactured in Australia, all Ipromea pet meal toppers contain quality ingredients and the perfect blend of pre, pro and postbiotics.

The potent formula of Ipromea iPro-Strong supports the health of your pet's immune system by restoring the natural balance of their gut microbiome.


Probiotic Ingredients:

Prevetella copri 1.0 billion CFU/g, Lactobacillus plantarum 1.00 billion CFU/g, Lactobacillus casei 1.00 billion CFU/g Bifidobacterium animalis subsp lactis 1.0 billion CFU/g.

Functional Ingredients:

Inulin, colostrum powder, green banana powder, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), fructo oligosaccharide (FOS).

Directions for Use

< 10 kg 2 g
10 – 25 kg 4 g
> 25 kg 6 g

As per suggested serving size chart, apply 1 spoon per body weight range to your pet’s meal and stir. One serve equals approximately 1/4 teaspoon.


This product is for dogs and cats and is intended for intermittent feeding only. If in doubt, please consult your veterinarian.


Store in a cool, dry place.




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