Kleo Ear Cleaner For Dogs – 100ml

Kleo Ear Cleaner is a gentle cleaning solution that may aid in the treatment of otitis externa in dogs. Available in 100ml.


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KLEO Ear Cleaner For Dogs - 100ml


Kleo Ear Cleaner For Dogs - 100ml

Kleo Ear Cleaner is formulated for use in dogs suffering from otitis externa.

Its gentle cleaning action assists in reducing debris, ear wax and odour, as well as in the treatment of ear infections.

Kleo Ear Cleaner can be used as a regular ear cleaner or in conjunction with medicated ear drops. It's cleaning, drying and antiseptic properties keeps the ears free from bacteria.

Proudly Australian made, Kleo Ear Cleaner contains boric acid, menthol and chlorothymol to effectively clean, without causing harm to the delicate structures of the ears.


  • A gentle cleaner for the ears
  • Safe and effective for use on dogs
  • Cleaning, drying and antiseptic properties
  • Aids in the treatment of otitis externa
  • Inhibits bacterial growth in the treated area
  • Reduces debris, ear wax, and odour

Kleo Ear Cleaner For Dogs

Kleo Ear Cleaner works best for preventing ear infections or stopping the progression of very mild cases. In cases of chronic or severe infections, veterinary advice is always recommended.

Some of the symptoms of chronic or severe infection of the ear in dogs and cats include:

  • A pungent smell
  • Discharge from the ear
  • Excessive scratching of the ear
  • Reddening and inflammation


  • 23.7 mg/mL boric acid
  • 9.1 mg/mL menthol
  • 1.0 mg/mL chlorothymol

Directions for Use

Routine Cleaning -

  1. Apply one quick squirt into the affected ear.
  2. Massage ear canal externally to allow proper penetration and to loosen wax.
  3. To ensure proper administration, always point the bottle downwards into the ear canal opening.

Otitis Externa -

  1. Follow the instructions above for routine cleaning.
  2. Repeat 1-3 times daily for several days or as instructed by your veterinarian.


  • Not to be used when the ear drum is perforated.
  • Not for treatment of yeast or bacterial otitis media.
  • Not for use in cats.


  • If symptoms persist, discontinue continue treatment and seek the advice of your veterinarian.

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