Paws For Life Cat Balls

Paws For Life Cat Balls is a selection of six cat balls with something to delight every feline!

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Paws For Life Cat Balls

Paws For Life Cat Balls offers an assortment of six balls for cats.

Featuring a range of hard and soft balls to encourage healthy, active play and stimulate your favourite feline's natural instincts.

The ideal six-pack of cat balls to entertain your kitty with hours of playful fun.


  • Assortment of six balls for cats
  • Provides textural variety for enrichment
  • Purr-fect for batting, chasing and pouncing
  • One to suit every cat's personality
  • Encourages healthy, active play
  • Suitable for cats of all ages

From fuzzy to jingly to plushy soft, these cat balls are the purr-fect choice for kitties that love to bat, chase and pounce.

The Paws For Life Cat Balls six-pack includes:

  • Three smooth soft plush balls
  • Two hard balls filled with mini plastic pebbles
  • One fuzzy textured soft plush ball

Paws For Life Cat Balls


  • 3.6cm diameter

Paws for Life provides convenient, practical and all-round paw-some products that your cat or dog will absolutely love, at a delightfully affordable price that you'll absolutely love! Paws for Life understands the special bond you share with your pet - throughout the fun times, the frustrating times, and everything in between. That's why all products are designed to make pet ownership easier, so that you can nurture this bond and ultimately build a lifelong friendship with your furry mate.


Paws For Life


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