Troy PlaqueOff Powder For Cats – 40g

Helping to soften and remove tartar build up, and to prevent gum disease, this clever dental hygiene powder treats bad kitty breath at the source.


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TROY PlaqueOff Powder For Cats - 40g


Troy PlaqueOff Powder For Cats - 40g

Does your cat have bad breath? Troy PlaqueOff Powder For Cats is the answer!

Troy PlaqueOff Powder For Cats is a natural formula, made from specially selected Norwegian Seaweed (D1070), that is designed to treat:

  • Bad breath
  • Plaque
  • Tartar

Troy PlaqueOff Powder For Cats is a dietary supplement, which has been shown to have specific beneficial effects for oral care and reducing bad breath in cats.

Troy PlaqueOff Powder For Cats has added brewer's yeast to make it palatable for even the most fussy of felines.


  • Suitable for cats under 10kg
  • Natural dental powder supplement for cats
  • Sprinkle it onto their wet or dry food daily for best results
  • Softens and removes existing tartar build up
  • Prevents new tartar from forming
  • Helps reduce gum disease and bad breath
  • Maintains oral hygiene
  • Reduces chances of gingivitis

A safe and effective dental hygiene supplement, Troy PlaqueOff Powder For Cats is conveniently formulated for both wet and dry food. The powder should be fed once daily to help your cat keep their fangs sparkling clean. It can be simply sprinkled on top or mixed through, making it easy to use with any type of cat food that your kitty loves.

This product should be used in conjunction with daily brushing for complete oral care.

Ingredients: Ascophyllum Nodosum

Troy PlaqueOff Powder For Cats

Supporting Your Cat's Dental Health

Your cat deserves lifelong dental health.

In addition to using Troy PlaqueOff Powder For Cats, you should also incorporate daily brushing of your cat's teeth into your routine. At a minimum, aim for 2-3 times per week.

It will take time to train your cat to tolerate daily brushing and starting when they're young is best. However, if your pet is older, don't despair! Here's some helpful tips to getting started:

  1. Desensitise your cat to having their head held and their mouth opened. Start with short training sessions (1-2 minutes in length) and reward them when they relax.
  2. Make brushing a positive experience by dipping the toothbrush into tuna juice or beef stock to help them get used to the sensation of the brush.
  3. Use a pet-safe toothpaste in a flavour your cat will like and allow them to taste it first before trying any brushing.
  4. Once they're comfortable with the toothbrush, try brushing - remembering to keep the first session shorts.
  5. Brushing the outside (cheek-facing) surfaces of the teeth to start with may be easier for your cat.
  6. Once they're comfortable, you can gradually progress to the inside surfaces of their teeth.
  7. Always reward your cat with a healthy treat at the end!

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