Vetafarm Ectotherm Enclosure Clean – 475ml

Vetafarm Ectotherm Enclosure Clean is designed to effectively clean reptile enclosures of harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses.


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VETAFARM Ectotherm Enclosure Clean - 475ml


Vetafarm Ecotherm Enclosure Clean - 475ml

Reptile closures provide the ideal warm, moist environment for bacteria, fungi, and viruses to thrive if not adequately cleaned and disinfected.

Vetafarm Ectotherm Enclosure Clean is a Hospital B Grade disinfectant that is formulated for regular use on reptile enclosures housing snakes and lizards to deeply clean.

Used and recommended by veterinarians and clinics, Vetafarm Ectotherm Enclosure Clean is safe for use on all enclosure surfaces, equipment, and decorative items.

It is not suitable for any aquatic organisms such as turtles, frogs, or fish and caution must be exercised when using this product around aquatic tanks.


  • Hospital B Grade disinfectant for reptile enclosures
  • Safe for use on all surfaces, equipment, and decorative items
  • Trusted and used by veterinarians and clinics
  • May be used to clean and disinfect
  • Avoid contact with aquatic tanks

Vetafarm Ectotherm Enclosure Clean

Cleanliness and hygiene are incredibly important to the overall health of animals. Without a clean enclosure, your scaly friend may fail to thrive.

Vetafarm Ectotherm Enclosure Clean has been developed to be a safe and effective way to clean enclosures and remove any bacteria, fungi and viruses.


1g/L benzalkonium chloride, 0.5g/L sulfamic acid.

Directions For Use

  • Remove your reptile from the enclosure before cleaning.
  • Cleaning: Empty out any residual food and water, spray surfaces with Vetafarm Ectotherm Enclosure Clean, scrub as required, and then rinse.
  • Disinfection: Spray Vetafarm Ectotherm Enclosure Clean and allow five minutes for disinfection to occur. 
Rinse, and allow to dry before replacing your reptiles and their enclosure equipment.


  • This product is not suitable for use on equipment and housing of aquatic organisms.
  • Ensure all tanks are covered prior to use.

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