Vetafarm Ectotherm Vitamin Drops – 40ml

Vetafarm Ectotherm Vitamin Drops is a spot-on vitamin formula for reptiles designed by veterinarians.


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VETAFARM Ectotherm Vitamin Drops - 40ml


Vetafarm Ecotherm Vitamin Drops - 40ml

Vetafarm Ectotherm Vitamin Drops is a highly absorbent spot-on vitamin formula for reptiles, including lizards, snakes and turtles.

Designed by veterinarians, the unique formula is applied directly to the skin and readily absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream.

Vetafarm Ectotherm Vitamin Drops reduce the stress to your scaly friend that's may be associated with other forms of dietary supplements.

Simply apply a few drops to the skin (as per the dosage) to ensure your reptile receives a range of essential vitamins.


Vetafarm Ectotherm Vitamin Drops

Vitamin deficiencies can have long term impacts on the heath of lizards and snakes.

It's recommended to use Vetafarm Ectotherm Vitamin Drops in conjunction with Vetafarm Ectotherm Lizard Food or supplementing the diet with Vetfarm Ectotherm Multical Dust and Vetafarm Ectotherm Vitamin Drops.

A completely balanced diet that offers your scaly friend the correct ratios of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients is the gold standard for reptile care.

Active Constituents (Per mL)

Vitamin A 275 IU, vitamin B1 275 µg, vitamin B2 185 µg, vitamin B5 412 µg, vitamin B6 275 µg, vitamin B9 125 µg, vitamin D3 27 IU, vitamin E 100 µg.

Directions For Use

  • Dosage: Apply two drops to the skin per 100g body weight. Smear on skin to improve uptake.
  • Snakes: Treat once weekly while active.
  • Lizards: Treat twice weekly while active.


  • Do not apply to animals during brumation.
  • Do not apply to frogs.
  • Store below 25°C (air conditioning), in a dry place, out of direct sunlight.
  • Expires three years from date of manufacture.

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