Vetafarm Origins Dusting & Bathing Powder For Small Animals – 80g

Vetafarm Origins Dusting & Bathing Powder stimulates natural grooming behaviour in small animals, including rabbits and ferrets.


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VETAFARM Origins Dusting & Bathing Powder For Small Animals - 80g

Traditional bathing can be stressful for small animals, such as rabbits and ferrets. Vetafarm Origins Dusting & Bathing Powder offers an alternative to keep your small pet's skin and coat healthy and clean. Containing Australian minerals, It can be sprinkled over the hair to encourage natural grooming behaviour. Avoid the stress associated with traditional bathing and instead, stimulate your small pet's natural inclination to dust bathe.

  • Bathing powder for small animals
  • Enriched with Australian minerals
  • Stimulates natural grooming behaviour
  • Reduces stress caused by wet bathing
  • Improves skin and coat condition
  • Helps to fight bad odours

Enriched with natural mineral earth in the form of Zeolites (hydrated aluminosilicate minerals), these Australian minerals help to fight bad odours, while improving the condition of your small pet's coat and skin. By eliminating the need for wet bathing, your small pet's coat retains important natural oils.

Ingredients Hydrated aluminosilicate minerals.

Directions For Use
  • Place a small amount of the powder into a shallow dish once or twice weekly for your animal to bathe in or lightly sprinkle over the fur to encourage grooming behaviour.
  • Store below 30°C (room temperature).
  • Expires three years from date of manufacture.

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