Vetafarm Origins Vitasol Drops For Small Animals – 50ml

Vetafarm Origins Vitasol Drops is veterinary formulated to ensure your small pet’s diet contains all essential vitamins.


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VETAFARM Origins Vitasol Drops For Small Animals - 50ml


Vetafarm Origins Vitasol Drops For Small Animals - 50ml

Vitamain deficiencies can cause a range of health problems in small animals, such as rabbits and ferrets.

If your small pet's diet is unbalanced, their overall health and wellbeing will benefit from vitamin supplementation.

Vetafarm Origins Vitasol Drops is the easy solution to ensure your small pet is receiving all the essential vitamins they need.

Simply add a few drops of Vetafarm Origins Vitasol Drops to their food or water daily for optimum health.


  • Highly concentrated source of essential vitamins
  • Daily multi-vitamin supplement for optimum health
  • Specifically formulated for small animals
  • Simply add to your small pet's food or water
  • Contains a range of essential vitamins

Vetafarm Origins Vitasol Drops

Unsupplemented diets of hay and vegetables may be insufficient in providing all essential vitamins to your small pet.

Without supplementation, your small pet may be at risk of a vitamin deficiency, with can lead to serious health problems, such as poor skin and coat, poor digestive health, poor reproductive health and weight loss.

Ensure your small pet's daily diet is balanced and complete by adding Vetafarm Origins Vitasol Drops.


Per 100ml: vitamin A 250,000 IU, vitamin D3 25,000 IU, vitamin E 100 IU, thiamine (B1) 243mg, riboflavin (B2) 110mg, pyridoxine (B6) 240mg, pantothenic acid (B5) 365mg, folic acid (B9) 110mg, choline chloride 1.46g, lysine 7.31g.

Directions For Use

  • Shake well before use.
  • Water: Add 10 drops of Vetfarm Origins Vitasol Drops to 250ml of drinking water and mix well.
  • Change water daily.
  • Food: Add 4 drops of Vetfarm Origins Vitasol Drops per 100g of food daily.


  • Store below 30°C (room temperature).
  • Expires three years from date of manufacture.

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