Virbac Aquadent Fr3sh Dental Solution For Cats and Dogs – 250ml

Virbac Aquadent Fr3sh Dental Solution is a natural water additive that enhances the dental health of cats and dogs. Available in 250ml.

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VIRBAC Aquadent Fr3sh Dental Solution For Cats and Dogs - 250ml


Virbac Aquadent Fr3sh Dental Solution For Cats and Dogs - 250ml

Virbac Aquadent Fr3sh is formulated by veterinary dental specialists to improve your pet's oral health.

The formula contains an innovative blend of three natural ingredients that target bad breath, including inulin, pomegranate and erythritol.

Easily added to your pet's water bowl, this highly palatable dental solution is readily consumed and safe to use on a daily basis.

Virbac Aquadent Fr3sh effectively controls plaque to support healthy teeth and gums.


  • A dental water additive for complete oral health
  • Formulated for daily use in dogs and cats
  • Easily diluted in water for
  • Highly palatable fresh mint taste
  • May assist in controlling plaque and tartar build-up
  • May assist in promoting fresh breath
  • Available in 250ml

Virbac Aquadent Fr3sh Dental Solution

Virbac's FR3SH™ technology utilises natural ingredients to target the oral and digestive causes of bad breath in cats and dogs:

  • Inulin – a natural prebiotic to address the digestive causes of bad breath
  • Pomegranate – a natural antioxidant to promote gum health
  • Erythritol – a natural sweetener designed to freshen the mouth and provide a cooling effect

For best results, add the recommended dosage to your pet's water bowl daily. It is recommended for all dogs and cats over 6 months of age.

Directions for Use



Dog <10kg

Dog 10 – 25kg

Dog > 25kg

Daily quantity of Aquadent Fr3sh





Quantity of water needed






  • The dental solution should be added daily to fresh water
  • For accurate dosing use the measuring cup provided
  • Provide additional fresh drink water as needed
  • Shake before using
  • Light sedimentation is normal
  • Discard any treated water that has not been consumed within 24hrs
  • Change water daily
  • Add 5ml of solution per 500ml of drinking water
  • For animal use only


Water, glycerin, citric acid, erythritol, lactic acid, sodium hydroxide, inulin, mint flavour, sorbic acid, pomegranate concentrate, sodium metabisulfite, Brilliant Blue FCF (E133), Tartrazine (E102).

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