Ranvet Fungazol Cream For Dogs, Cats and Horses – 100g

Ranvet Fungazol Cream is a broad spectrum anti-fungal and anti-bacterial topical cream that may be used on cats, dogs and horses.

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RANVET Fungazol Cream For Dogs, Cats and Horses - 100g


Ranvet Fungazol Cream For Dogs, Cats and Horses - 100g

Ranvet Fungazol Cream is a broad spectrum topical cream with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial actions.

This potent cream is specially formulated to target the most common fungal and bacterial ailments in dogs, cats and horses.

Ranvet Fungazol Cream is effective on dermatophytes, pathogenic yeasts and moulds, as well as ringworm and mycotic skin infections.


  • Broad spectrum anti-bacterial and anti-fungal topical cream
  • An effective treatment for fungal and bacterial skin conditions
  • Suitable for use on cats, dogs and horses

Ranvet Fungazol Cream can be used as a treatment for:

  • A wide range of yeast, mould, fungal and bacterial associated skin ailments in cats and dogs, including ringworm dermatitis and mycotic skin infections.
  • Numerous skin ailments in horses, such as ringworm, girth itch, rain scald, dermatitis, saddle rash, greasy heel and mycotic skin infections.

Ranvet Fungazol Cream

Containing the active constituent, Econozole Nitrate, Ranvet Fungazol Cream has a rapid onset of action and a broad spectrum of anti-fungal activity.

It may be used for short-acting and persistent skin diseases and mixed skin infections, both bacterial and fungal in origin, including ringworm.

Active Constituent

Econozole Nitrate 10mg/g

Directions For Use

  1. Remove any scab with a warm antiseptic solution.
  2. Clean any dirt or dried discharge from the area before application.
  3. Apply Ranvet Fungazol Cream liberally into and around the affected area twice daily until the condition is resolved.  
  4. Do not exceed treatment for any period longer than 6-8 weeks, unless under the direction of a veterinarian.

Fungi are particularly susceptible to sunlight and hot, dry and clean environments. Therefore, providing dry, clean litter and stabling is a large factor in prevention of fungal infection.


  • May irritate the eyes and skin.  
  • Wear gloves and wash hands after use.




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